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Your Life and Health – Caffeine

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about caffeine. Is it harmless, helpful, or something else? Let us bring some clarity to this sometimes murky issue.


​The bright flavor and herbiness of parsley is too often set aside as a plate garnish. Tabbouleh is a fresh, lemony recipe that highlights the taste of parsley rather than just the look of it.

Stand Up for Good Health
Stand Up For Good Health

For those of you keeping up with the news, you may have noticed some recent articles about sitting. Experts have been talking more and more about the subject. Some of you may…

Agave-Orange Dressing

Not all salad dressings have to be oil-and-vinegar ones.  This dressing will take “crisp and refreshing” salads to a whole new level, adding a citrusy, tangy, and slightly sweet note to any…

Holiday Nut Loaf

This recipe is a great replacement for a meatloaf or similar type of recipe. It goes great with gravy and mashed potatoes or sliced on a sandwich. We recommend you serve it…

Chilled Summer Yams

For quite some time, I wasn’t sure what to call this recipe.  Pumpkin pie mash?  Pumpkin pie filling?  Sweet potato salad?  Then, I took a bite and closed my eyes.  What came…

Ground Bulgur Meat

Bulgur is a quick-cooking type of whole wheat, commonly used…

Curried Tofu Salad

Best tofu salad without the eggs and mayonnaise! Who said…

Thai Curry Soup

The gentle but exotic flavors of this soup will quickly make it a family favorite

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