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Exercise: The Mind-Body Connection

Achieving “fitness” is different than just being active. Activity means moving about, burning so many calories when doing a certain task. That is good, but fitness yields even more benefits. Fitness, specifically…

7 Relationship Sins 00 | Intro

We are made in the image of a relational God, designed to love and be loved. Yet we seem also mysteriously wired toward dysfunction in our relationships. How can we get back…

8 Tips for Better Sleep

One simply cannot deny the health benefits and overall good feeling that comes with a good night’s sleep. Sadly, it is getting more and more difficult to get a good nights rest,…

12 Tips to Be a Less Stressed Parent

Working mother? The truth is, very few mothers are not working! Whether inside or outside the home, mothers are workers—hard workers who deserve a standing ovation for the important work they do…

There’s Hope For Diabetes Reversal

One of my favorite words in the English language is hope. I use this word often, without giving it much thought. I hope I’ll have time to play basketball on Tuesday. I…

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Ultimate Greek Chopped Salad
Ultimate Greek Chopped Salad

Sure, we miss the feta cheese too, but the garbanzo beans add a delicious texture and protein to this simple salad.

Roasted Peppers and Marinara Sauce

There are countless delicious ways to stuff bell peppers. Just like magic, halved bell peppers turn into little boats that are perfect for filling with various ingredients to make a simple meal with a (boat)load of flavor. This stuffed peppers recipe is one of my favorites and for good reason! It features a blend of favorite Italian and Mediterranean flavors with its tomatoes, basil, and capers, and is a truly healthy, eye-catching, and delicious side.

Szechuan Eggplant
Szechuan Eggplant

Add tasty eggplant to your diabetes reversal regimen! Eggplant is very low in calories, high in fiber and has been found to be great for naturally managing blood sugar.

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